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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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A digital marketing agency for the beverage industry

Growth Marketing

From SEO to paid search, through to Facebook ads - we look at every possible avenue to target and grow your customer base and ultimately, revenue for your business. The ‘pay-to-play’ platforms are ever-changing and lucky for you, we eat, sleep and drink it.

Social Media Strategy

We care about your voice, your community and your values. In a world full of noise (and memes!), we will formulate an effective strategy to help your brand cut-through and connect with your unique audience.

Conversion Optimisation

Don’t yawn just yet. This part is a big deal and is often overlooked. The conversion initiatives are what make the acquisition marketing sing (or in some cases, yodel). Every percentage we can find drives your revenue and customer acquisition.

Branding and Design

You, my friend, are not like the others. Your brand is what sets you apart from the competition and we will help you find your unique voice in the market. And most importantly, make it look and sound like a million bucks.

Malin is an incredibly efficient and effective graphic designer and photographer. She is a highly talented creative that gets the commercial realities of a faced-paced eCommerce business. Malin is able to balance the incredible tension of maintaining a great design aesthetic, while managing the needs of a constantly changing business landscape

Eddie Schweitzer

Rosa is definitely what you would call a 'smart creative'. Enormous energy, always curious, endless problem-solving capability and elite execution are the traits that come to mind when describing Rosa. On top of all that, Rosa is humble and hardworking and always striving to deliver amazing work

Nick Randall

Charlotte's passion for wine is matched by a measured and strategic approach to building knowledge and networks. This is most evident in her ability to establish enduring relationships with key suppliers, and in always taking time to listen before diligently putting her own company line forward.

Paul Henry

Ready to get Brunch?

Let's talk

No two businesses are the same. We take the time to understand what you want to achieve (we’ll even shout you a coffee or a vino!), discuss what’s holding you back and set the wheels in motion.

Deep dive into the data

Ready for a dip? To understand where we’re going, we need to first understand where we are. We feed all available data into our BI platform to analyse every element of the customer lifecycle. It identifies how much traffic is hitting the site, where traffic is coming from and at what percentage they convert.

Formulate the strategy

Now, this is the most magical part. Everything we’ve learnt from the discovery session and data analysis is combined to build the tailored strategy for your business. It’s not wizardry, it’s just how we roll.

Let the good times roll

And just like that, we’re at the last step of the process. But don’t worry, we won’t send you away with a hefty PDF and say au revoir. The bulk of what we do is the practical rollout and ongoing management of your unique growth strategy. Think of us as your friendly, full-service marketing team who are always on call for any issues, questions or a glass of wine.

Meet the Brunch Club

Well, well, well… who do we have here? We are brunch – a tiny but talented team of damn fine humans who are passionate about the beverage industry and making a positive difference, one drink (okay, a few drinks) at a time. With 35+ years of marketing and creative experience between us, we’re your go-to digital marketing dream team.

Kip McMillan
Head of Marketing + Awkward Human

Ol’ mate Kip knows how to make any and every greeting awkward (don’t even try to hit him with the hug and kiss on the cheek combo), but as the former Head of Marketing at Vinomofo for 5 years, he knows a thing or two (okay, alot!) about growing and scaling customers for business success. With over 15 years of marketing experience across agency, publisher and client across the globe, he is passionate about helping businesses from the ground up, and toasting (hehe, geddit?) to their success. Besides the golden and obvious pros of working with his favourite tipples (that’s wine, beer and gin), what he’s most excited about is the dynamic energy present in the Aussie beverage category being driven by innovative, local brands.

Charlotte Cels
Head of Business + Pocket Rocket

With over ten years of experience within the wine and hospitality industry, Charlotte is excited to see what the future holds for wineries in the direct-to-consumer space. Passionate about building and growing businesses, and strengthening brands across the industry, Charlotte has a proven track record when it comes to maximising returns across multiple stakeholders. The former Head of Business Development & Account Manager at Vinomofo, Char created the direct-to-consumer channel, Vinodirect, which has significantly changed the way wineries do business with their customers. Yep, she’s kind of a big deal.

Rosa Nguyen
Head of Brand + Multitasking Ninja

After quitting her nursing career (after one long year and a very awkward conversation with her parents) to pursue a more creative career path as a copywriter, Rosa has since racked up a total of nine years within the marketing space. Kicking off her chapter as a junior copywriter for two years at a small creative agency, Rosa joined the Vinomofo team in 2013, unofficially as ‘the wearer of many hats’ within the marketing team. Responsible for all aspects of social media, content and partnerships, Rosa grew the Vinomofo community to over 200,000 fans across five different platforms and three countries, while also managing successful partnerships with Lonely Planet, Intrepid Travel and Notel Melbourne. How did she do it? Lots of coffee.

Malin Alfredsson
Head of Creative + Dog Whisperer

Hailing from a little town in Sweden called Borås (fun fact: it’s home to 113,000 humans and is a zero waste city), Malin made her way to Melbourne in 2012 and never looked back. Since her arrival, she’s worked as a professional photographer under the guidance of Superstudio Photography, graduated from the Tractor School of Design, co-founded her own design studio, Pocketbeagles, and worked at Vinomofo as Senior Designer and Photographer - phew! She’s a dog-loving dynamo, with an exceptional eye for detail, but the one thing she’s missing is the ability to whistle…

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