How we work

Brunch is a beverage marketing agency with a difference. We offer a holistic approach to the DTC market to help you sell wine and drive revenue. While you can access direct sales or marketing as standalone services, our secret sauce is helping you understand how these two puzzle pieces work together.

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You’re busy making wine. So let us help you.

What makes Brunch different?

⤷ We care about & know the industry inside out

Strong relationships are important to us. That’s why we collaborate with wine industry associations and get on the ground to visit our winemaking, distilling and brewing clients across the country (and neighbouring NZ). We’re passionate about getting Australian drinks in every fridge and wine rack we can.

⤷ We speak wine

Our team is overflowing with wine experience and knowledge. All our marketing people are in wine training or our wine people are specialist sales and marketing experts. And we’re committed to upskilling when it comes to new products and industry trends.

⤷ No other agency can facilitate direct sales & marketing

Ordinarily, you’d need two separate agencies for your marketing and direct sales, or be forced to choose a single focus. With Brunch, you can have both! We’re your perfect DTC and marketing partner. 

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Our values


We know how to speak wine – and how to sell yours with respect. We understand the heart and soul of wine – the emotions, the family, the tradition. At Brunch, our clients are our partners and collaborators every step of the way. And we’re never too busy to pick up the phone.


We strive to be upfront, clear and open in every aspect of our work, from client communication to processes and pricing. That’s because we know clear and timely communication is crucial. And that works both ways, so you’ll need to be on board too.


We actively seek opportunities to learn, innovate and improve outcomes for you. We’re also committed to fostering growth and innovation within the wider local and global liquor industry. We’re excited about the future of marketing and sales and ready for the ride.


Passion drives us. Passion for the wine industry, passion for our work, and passion for helping our clients succeed. We’re here for the long haul and committed to the journey – whatever it takes. 


We're not just another sales and marketing team; we speak wine. Our deep industry knowledge means we can navigate the unique dynamics of the wine market, supporting you to sell more product and drive more revenue to make more product – and on it goes.


We know our stuff at Brunch, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. In the Fitzroy area? Pop on up and have a glass of vino with us. We’d love to host you.

Matthew BarryFounder - Mount Avoca

"Brunch became like an extension of our team and family which made working with them super collaborative, fun and – most importantly – easy. The team are creative and knowledgeable – they ‘get’ the liquor industry. Their knowledge and skills make them one of a kind."


Where are you based?

Our Head Office is in Melbourne, Australia. We also have hubs in South Australia, Sydney and New Zealand and work with wineries all around the country.

Do you offer just marketing or just sales if I don’t need both?

Yes, we sure do. You might do phone sales in-house or have your own marketing team and might not need both. But our special sauce is a combination of the two. Whatever you need, get in touch and we’ll have a chat.

What do you know about wine?

Heaps! We can’t even keep track of the number of years of experience combined. Our team has so much varied knowledge. All our marketing people are in wine training and our wine people are specialist sales and marketing experts.

Like the sound of our approach?

Like the sound of our approach?