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We understand the unique challenges faced by wineries when it comes to selling wine. That’s why we’re the best wine sales agency in the country.

  • It takes time – lots of it – to build and maintain quality customer relationships
  • You may not have access to meaningful customer data and insights
  • You might not be able to resource DTC sales management in-house.

And you’ve got wine to make.

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You’re busy making wine. So let us help you.

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How it works

We work with wineries across Australia developing and executing phone sales campaigns to help you get the best possible return on investment in the DTC channel. 

1. Custom phone sales strategy

Everything should fit together. First, we’ll outline an annual strategy to make sure we integrate our phone campaigns with your internal eDMs and other marketing communications.

2. Customer engagement & retention

Building and maintaining meaningful personal relationships takes time. We help you connect and engage with your audience year-round and build brand loyalty. 

3. Insights to improve offers

The more information you have about your customers, the better you can curate perfect offers. Our transparent reporting gives valuable insights into your customer behaviour and preferences.

4. Make & sell more wine

Resources like time and personnel are finite. So while our team is selling on your behalf, your internal time and staff resources can go towards crafting more exceptional wines. 

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Why Brunch Direct?

Exceptional customer service

Our outbound phone sales campaigns are NOT solely focused on sales. They’re an opportunity to nurture your clients. That’s why our calls are delivered with exceptional customer service in line with the experience of your cellar door. Our team of brokers has extensive wine knowledge (many are WSET accredited) and are highly trained in sales methodology. Once a customer is sold to, they retain the same broker moving forward which builds familiarity and trust.

Winery portal

Winery portal

All our winery partners have access to a fully interactive and live web portal. This means you stay up-to-date with all current and historical campaigns. 

Live information available includes:

  • Sales by customer
  • Sales by product
  • Daily call rates and revenue
  • Stock control
  • Orders for despatch.

At the end of each campaign, you’ll receive a detailed report including:

  • Product highlights & lowlights
  • Contact rates and information
  • Reasons members didn’t purchase this campaign
  • Members who require updated contact details 
  • Broker feedback from your members
  • Industry trends
  • Suggestions for future campaigns.
Unique dial-out number

Each winery partner receives a unique call-out number that stays live. This means your customers can save it in their phones and recognise it when we call them. If a customer calls back outside of our campaign dates, we forward this information directly to you so the customer receives a smooth sales experience.

Privacy & security

We’re committed to your data protection and privacy. Here’s what that looks like.

  • Our strict endpoint security measures restrict access, safeguard sensitive information and maintain a secure working environment. 
  • Your data lives in the cloud and is not stored on our servers. 
  • Two-factor authentication is enabled. 
  • We run our database through the ‘Do Not Call’ register before each campaign to make sure we’re only calling with permission. 


We never use predictive diallers or auto-diallers. All calls from Brunch Direct are hand-dialled to ensure a personalised and engaging interaction with each customer from the first moment.

Brunch Direct can help you:

1. Increase your direct-to-consumer revenue
2. Move your wine
3. Strengthen your customer engagement and brand perception.
Mount Avoca FounderMatthew Barry

"Brunch became like an extension of our team and family which made working with them super collaborative, fun and – most importantly – easy. The team are creative and knowledgeable – they ‘get’ the liquor industry. Their knowledge and skills make them one of a kind."

Case Studies

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Patrick of Coonawarra is a premium second-generation family-run estate in the heart of Coonawarra, South Australia. Patrick crafts remarkable wines, pairing a deep love for heritage styles with an excitement for the new.
Sydney-born Rusty Barrel distils premium, award-winning vodka and packages it in an unforgettable bottle. Their tagline – 'Drink cautiously' – says it all; this is not a drink for the faint of heart.
Does Dan Murphy's need an introduction? As one of Australia's most recognised brands, Dan's sets the bar when it comes to keeping the masses stocked up and refreshed.
Blue Pyrenees Estate is one of Victoria's top wineries. The vineyards were planted in the 1960s by legendary Cognac producer, Remy Martin before ownership passed to a group of Australian wine lovers. Blue Pyrenees is now a Five Red Star Winery (James Halliday Wine Companion)

Want our help to sell your wine?

Want our help to sell your wine?

Your questions answered.

How does a partnership with Brunch Direct work?

We build a strategy that aligns our phone campaigns with your internal marketing strategy and key viticultural/sales events. We also help you craft compelling offers. Throughout campaigns, we’ll touch base with you, switching things up or adapting our approach to get you the best results. We’re passionate about wine – and great experiences, and always here to help.

What’s the typical duration of a partnership with Brunch Direct?

We love partnering with and supporting our clients long-term. From the first conversation, we invite you to share your long-term goals and vision, along with your challenges. The longer we work together, the better we know each other, and the stronger our relationships with your customers become.

How do I get started with Brunch Direct?

Let’s have a casual discovery chat to explore your goals and see if we’re a fit to partner. We’re often booked up in advance, so if you’d love our help, we recommend getting in touch as soon as possible.

Do you only call mailing lists or do you also call wine clubs

We also call wine club members, to keep them drinking your wine outside of their subscription packs. We’ve found that, on average, wine club members are 2x more likely to answer a call and 3x more likely to make a purchase. This is also an opportunity to have a wine and sales-trained broker pass on direct messages from your winery to your members. We can always segment your list to make sure we’re only calling at appropriate times e.g. not when they’re about to receive a delivery.

Will you speak to our customers like we do? 

Yes. You can trust us to act as an extension of your business and brand. Our brokers tailor their communication style for each winery, familiarising themselves with your history, products, tone of voice and messages.

Is there any benefit to working with both Brunch Direct and Brunch Marketing?

Working with both parts of our business is where the *serious* magic happens, thanks to integration, segmentation and taking a holistic approach to sales and marketing. We’d love to tell you more about it. Get in touch with us.

We haven’t done phone campaigns in the past. Is it too late to start?

Not at all! Far from being a dying space, DTC phone sales are as strong as ever. For example, a Victorian client of ours saw $140,000 in revenue from a first-time campaign in the second half of 2023.

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