Mount Avoca

Mount Avoca

Paid media marketing

Mount Avoca is Australia’s most-awarded organic winery. The winery has been operating out of Victoria's Pyrenees region for 50-odd years now, flying the flag for both the region and sustainable viticulture as a whole.

✗ Challenge:

Mount Avoca had clear objectives for paid media marketing. These were to: increase online sales and conversion rates, drive more traffic to the website and acquire new customers.

✔ How we partnered:

Acquisition, retargeting and conversion were at the core of our work with Mount Avoca. We used a full-funnel strategy to deliver the right message throughout the customer journey, taking them from point A to B as seamlessly as possible.

    • We constantly tested the Facebook algorithm to find the best-performing creative and ad set combination. 
    • We reached a new audience of potential customers through granular targeting, who were then retargeted at the bottom of the funnel.

» Outcome:

And, before you ask – yes, we triple-checked these numbers.

  1. 798% increase in online store revenue year-on-year
  2. 320% increase in online transactions year-on-year
  3. 184% increase in online store conversion rates year-on-year
  4. 5.69 average return on ad spend.