Rusty Barrel Spirits

Rusty Barrel Spirits

Social media & content strategy

Sydney-born Rusty Barrel distils premium, award-winning vodka and packages it in an unforgettable bottle. Their tagline – 'Drink cautiously' – says it all; this is not a drink for the faint of heart. Rusty Barrel has carved out a loyal following since launching in 2017, finding its way into Dan Murphy's and winning some impressive awards along the way.

✗ Challenge:

Rusty Barrel wanted to bring their unique brand to life and build an engaged social media presence. They needed an entire suite of video and photography content to convey the idea of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. They also required a strong brand identity and tone of voice to roll out across all channels, including website, social and email.

✔ How we partnered:

We built a social media strategy focused on the goals of building community, solidifying the brand and driving traffic to the website. We created five core content pillars, key topics to discuss, amplify and create content for.

» Outcome:

The result? A consistent, distinctive brand with a difference. And here are just some of the stats we achieved for Rusty Barrel.

  1. 275% increase in Facebook likes
  2. 1410% increase in Instagram followers
  3. 255% increase in website referral traffic from social channels.