February, 2024
The Brunch Drop 🍷

Cheers to 2024 (we can still do that in February, right?)! We're thrilled to present the inaugural edition of 'The Brunch Drop'. Each month, you can expect a curated selection of juicy industry insights and stories straight from the heart of Brunch Agency.

Hello, Fitzroy!

Big news from our side – we've just moved into our spacious new office in Fitzroy! This space is more than just an office; it's a hub where our teams, including the amazing Brunch Direct crew, come together to innovate and redefine wine marketing.

Your Industry Update

Millennial Momentum
Australian Millennials are reshaping wine consumption – here’s how. They’re thirsty for diversity and exceptional experiences, and keen for the stories behind each wine.

What does this mean? For starters, wine packaging and presentation matters. Does yours tell the story of your winery's heritage and unique character? Is your content reflective of your brand and the customer? Or is it time for an update? If so, we can help.

Check out one of the images from our Sweetwater Wines shoot, where we captured this classic Hunter Valley brand in a fresh modern way.

Client Spotlight

Patrick of Coonawarra

We're proud to spotlight our fantastic client Patrick of Coonawarra. Our customised, multi-channel approach boosted their revenue by a stunning 42%, a testament to our knack for impactful wine industry marketing.

↑ 42% increase in online revenue
↑ $26k additional revenue
↑ 21% conversion rate

Meet The Team

Say hey to Char. A wine industry veteran, Char's innovation at Vinomofo and now at Brunch is transforming how wineries connect with customers.

Name & Role
Charlotte Cels – Director of Sales

Favourite Drop
Crisp riesling or a Campari and soda are my go-tos!

Why Brunch?
Brunch was born in 2020 over pandemic zoom wines. Kip and I saw a chance to lend a hand to wineries navigating the intricate world of wine marketing and digital sales.

Fun Fact
From the laneways of Melbourne to the streets of Chicago, I've recently embarked on a new chapter, embracing the 'windy city' as we dive into establishing Brunch's U.S. presence.

Want our help to sell your wine?

Want our help to sell your wine?